Strength Training & Biomechanics

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." - Benjamin Franklin

We've all been there, the moment an ache or pain went from a mild annoyance to a full fledge issue. It's human nature to try to ignore it and push through little annoyances, but they are there for a reason. Those small pains, tweaks or tight muscles are our check engine lights, and they are there to tell us something is not right with our system. When we listen to our body we can catch issues before they become a big problem. 


Most professional athletes know the value of daily work on their body. They push themselves to the limits and are smart about their recovery. The recovery component to their training regimen is what the rest of the population tends to miss, and it's why we see so many weekend warriors in here. If we can catch an issue, a weakness, or a compensation, before it turns into an injury you will be able to continue pushing your body as much as you want.  

Our goal is to keep you doing what you love to do!  


If you're currently managing an injury, we will work along side the other health care professionals you're seeing, to create a supportive environment to aid in your healing.
For example: A foot injury can have a direct influence on other areas of your body. While your medical providers are addressing your injured foot, we can address everything else in the mechanical chain that will influence the foot, such as your hip or back. If your muscular system is contracting efficiently (i.e. firing when and as strong as they should) your body will be in a better, stronger place to heal. By making your muscular system more efficient, we can reduce the stress in the injured area and get you back to moving with greater ease. 
 If you are unsure if Muscle Activation or Pilates is the right fit for you, please contact us. Our priority is your health and recovery. If we feel it's too soon to work with us, we'll help you find an appropriate health care provider.