"The mind, when housed within a healthful body, possesses a glorious sense of power."
-Joseph Pilates

Practiced around the world, Pilates is a unique approach to exercise. It's grown in popularity over the last couple decades, as people experience the difference a mindful approach to exercise can have on their bodies. Focusing on coordination, mobility, and core strength, Pilates is a form of resistance exercise that you can feel work its' way into your everyday life. 

At PeakMVMT we are certified in the STOTT™ PILATES method. STOTT™ is a classical, yet contemporary approach of the original teaching of Joesph Pilates. An understanding of anatomy, biomechanics, physics and exercise science are fundamental in the exercise world. Developed by a team of physical therapists and sports medicine professionals in Toronto, Canada, this highly individualized Pilates repertoire and line of equipment changed the way exercise and rehab professionals viewed Pilates. Built and adapted from a series of exercises that were once rarely modified, our approach offers a thoughtful workout designed around the individual body type, fitness level and injury considerations. 

By design, Pilates offers a safe and solid foundation to develop and build strength, mobility, and coordination that will transfer into every part of your life. From professional athletes to those recovering from injuries, everyone will benefit from the versatile equipment and endless resistance variables. We are excited to bring this method of Pilates and equipment to Boulder.