A Day of "Firsts" in the Mountains of Colorado

I have had the honor of working with clients for many years. Because of this, I have had the honor of witnessing the personal growth that occurs when their body becomes stronger and more stable. They become more confident; they begin to step outside their comfort zone to challenge themselves in new ways. 


Being part of this process is what makes me get out of bed, excited to start my day. However, I don't often get to experience achieving a goal with clients. I don’t often get to be with them in the experience as they prove to themselves that they can do something they have never done before. Their goals and their bucket list items are just that, theirs. I help them get their body and mind ready. Then they go do it! 

Recently, I helped two long time clients and friends step out of their comfort zone during their first visit to Colorado. They were up for an adventure and I knew they could handle a hike in Rocky Mountain National Park. What I didn’t anticipate was just how much their achievements would affect me! I witnessed these clients work hard, really hard over the years. And during this beautiful day in Rocky Mountain Nation Park, I witnessed them draw on all that hard work to hike a 3.5 mile round trip hike in the mountains, at altitude, with no problems! It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my professional career.

This was a day of so many “firsts”. To give these two amazing people some serious props, I just need to list what they accomplished. Not because anyone reading this wants to know the specifics of the day, but to remind all of us that there is a first time for everything. And when your body holds you back for so many years, those "firsts" can mean the difference between a life well-lived or a life surrendered. 

Robyn and Leon, here’s to all your “firsts”, to pushing yourselves everyday in order to experience a life well-lived, and to trusting myself and so many others in your process. You guys rocked it out there and I’m so honored to have been with you to experience it. 

September 7, 2017:

  • First time wearing a backpack.  
  • First time in Rocky Mountain National Park. 
  • First time hiking in the wilderness. First time hiking on dirt, for that matter… although I’m still questioning this one. 
  • First time hiking at significant altitude. 10,000 feet is no joke! 
  • First time taking into consideration weather, hydration, first-aid, and "Leave No Trace" protocols.
  • First time navigating over some major rocks. (We won't discuss the one and only fall of the day.... but in it’s own way, it was also a first.) 
  • First time balancing on a rock, for a Pilates photo op none the less! 
  • First time eating a well-deserved lunch on the side of an alpine lake with awe inspiring views that you worked your butt off to get to.  
  • First time putting your tired feet in a frigid alpine lake. 
  • And to end the day with a bang... First time at The Continental Divide! That chocolate chip “Continental Cookie” never tasted so goooood. 
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