Maximize your potential for strength and optimal performance. 

Rooted in bio-mechanics, MAT is a very specific non-medical process that addresses muscle inhibition and imbalances. When the neural communication loop between the brain and a muscle becomes inhibited, a muscle looses its' ability to contract optimally. When this weakness occurs other muscles take over in an attempt to stabilize a joint and eventually we become tight. We loose the ability to move as freely as we once did. Our body has compensated to the point of immobility and we are set up for injury, pain, muscle weakness or a chronic feeling of stiffness. 

What if we could locate the 'problem' muscles that lead us to our discomfort in the first place? Rather than addressing the symptom of pain or injury, let's get to the root of the problem. If you are feeling restricted in your activities, tightness may not be your problem! It may be muscle inhibition. We need our muscles to be there for us, to respond quickly when we need them. After all, what's the point of having muscles if there aren't going to perform at their peak capabilities? 

We get the muscles to fire as they should, then what? With every person comes a new strategy! One of my favorite things to do with clients is zoom out and look at the big picture, what do we look for and what do we see? 

  • We must look to the past- What brought you to where you are now? What do we need to work around because of a past injury, surgery or physical or mental limitation? 
  • We must assess your present situation- What are the activities, foods, foot wear or athletic gear that could be hindering progress today?
  • We must strategize short and long term plans- What are your goals and how do we get there in a safe and effective way? 

Once we zoom out and assess the full picture, we can then zoom in and address each one of these details at a micro level. It becomes a multifaceted process that keeps you involved with your progress. With intention and strategy, we will build on your strength and mobility that will allow you to participate in the activities you enjoy. 

Athletes: Make sure your muscular system is ready for the physical demands you are placing on your body. We have worked with many pro athletes over the years, from Olympic Triathletes to NFL and MLB players. Muscle Activation is their secret weapon, keeping them in peak form, optimizing their performance and limiting their risk for injury. If you're an athlete at any age or level, continued success in your sport largely depends on your muscles' ability to contract efficiently and minimize compensations. 

Pre and Post Surgery: Many doctors and clients report that the stronger you are going into surgery, the smoother your recovery. If you are getting ready for surgery down the road, let's make sure you're as strong as possible beforehand. Post surgery, it's recommended to wait until you are cleared by your doctor to start exercising again. As soon as you're cleared, you're ready to get tuned up and start rebuilding your strength. 

Feeling Out of Shape or Generally "Blah": We know what it feels like to go through a down turn in fitness. No judgement here, just full support of where you are currently and what your goals are down the road. If your muscles are not at their best, you won't feel your best either. Building from the ground up is the best way to start. Before you jump into an exercise program, let's ensure your muscular system will do what you want to ask of it! 

Chronic Pain or Injuries: Most of our clients come to see us for just this reason. We love helping people feel and move better. We all have aches and pains, especially as we get older. But that pain doesn't have to be a limiting factor in our daily living. Feel good when you play with your kids. Enjoy gardening again. Buy next seasons ski pass! Our goal is to help you reach your goal!