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Our Story…

PeakMVMT was born with the belief that every person has the ability to live a unique, strong, and more active life. Pain and physical limitations shouldn’t be the reason we become restricted in our life. And while many people have big, lofty goals of climbing the highest peaks, many of us have equally big and lofty goals of simply living within a strong, pain free, mobile body that allows us to enjoy the simple things in life.

Living in Colorado, we have constant visual reminders that there are peaks and valleys in this life. Life changes, our bodies change, our ambitions and dreams change. And to stay healthy thorough all these ups and downs, we must have a real and sustainable approach to fitness and wellness.

Since 2001, I’ve worked with almost every type of individual and goal: from NFL players, to 90 year old grandpas, to those preparing for and recovering from joint replacements, to women and men going through chemo. Whatever peak each person individually aims to reach, my overall approach is the same... I meet you where you are in life, listen to you and your body and help guide you in the direction you want to head. Sometimes that direction is getting you to the top of your peak, your personal goal. And sometimes, that direction is keeping you as strong as possible while your body and life have other plans for you. After all, there are times in life where maintenance is progress, right?

Movement has been part of my life since I was a little girl, dreaming of becoming a ballerina. Through sacrifice, hard work and luck, my dream came true and I had a career many only dream of. Until that is, my body broke and I could no longer do the one thing that brought me joy. It was then that my second career launched and new passions were born. I moved to New York City to become a Pilates Instructor and rehab my injuries with the best in the industry. Through this process, I also became a Personal Trainer, a Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist, with a side passion of outdoor fitness enthusiast world travel. Now, I’m combining all these passions and decades of experience to offer Luxury Fitness Retreats.

PeakMVMT started with the inspiration of the mountains and movement, but it’s becoming so much more. Joseph Pilates once said “Change happens through movement and movement heals.”. We can read this in so many ways. We move through life and change happens. It’s though this movement, both physically and metaphorically, that we grow and change.

This is my story. And now, my story has brought me to you! I’m looking forward to working with you to help you find your peak, reach your goals, and write your own story through fitness and wellness.